20 feb 2017


Hello, I am a Commerce student. I'm going to talk about what I learned this year. These months have passed very quickly because we have always been working on our Startup.

Performing a Startup has taken us months of work. To choose the right business we had to think a lot, because the market is very broad and it is a difficult choice. But what we have learned is, that no matter the business, the important thing is to know how to work as a team and learn from the mistakes to improve each day.

After months of working on the project, it is time to finish, where in just 5 minutes we have to present our work in this course. That's the Pitch, a 5 minutes  presentation in which you have to convince an investor to invest money in your business.

There are two groups in our school of Commerce, and each group gets to pass 2 to the final, where before a jury and students of first group we expose our pitch. I have been one of the finalists and I am nervous waiting for the day of the exhibition. The winner will receive different prizes, and also qualifies for a contest of 2000 euros.

The important thing is not the prize, is the experience that with just several months of preparation, you have managed to create a business with a possible future.

9 feb 2017


Resultado de imagen de the canterville ghostHello

I'm here again but now writing in English!!! because my English teacher Asun is "as stubborn as a mule" and I want to get high qualifications in this subject.

I have read the book "The Canterville Ghost". The author is Oscar Wilde who is a famous writer. I tell you what is the book about.  Otis was a rich American from New York. He had come to live and work in England, but he did not want to live in London. He did not want to live in the city. He wanted to live in the countryside outside London. Lord Canterville wanted to sell the house, but In this house there is a ghost. Lord Canterville say listen a ghost at night. But Otis and his family didn't fear about it. At nights blood appeared in the floor .And the twins of the family liked bothering the ghost a lot. Finally, mum Virginia helped the ghost to go to another place to find eternal peace eternal.

That's all folks!!!