5 oct 2017

Valentinos Company


During last class, in VET subject (Technical Sale), my classmates and I work in pairs, doing a report and a presentation about an industrial company. Our teacher Asun gave us the possibility to choose the company, and my partner Carla and me selected Valentino.

Valentino is a famous fashion Italian brand and one of the most important fashion brands in the world. We chose it because we like it soo much and we think its desings are very special and unique.

In this work,  we had to explain the production process of one product, and we chose a pair of shoes. Firstly we talked about raw materials, and all the industrial products needed: equipments, facilities, semi-finished products in order to manufacture the  final product. Then, we  presented it to the rest of the class.

I think this was a very interesting work and a very useful activity, because we learned better how  companies make products and its industrial process.
Resultado de imagen de valentino marca

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